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Perfume One - Of the Gion Series of Perfumes, "Winter Rose,"

Winter Rose - Perfume One from the Gion Series

Winter Rose Notes

Rose Otto

Orris Butter

Sandalwood Mysorre



My first all-natural perfumes is inspired by the Maiko and Geisha of Gion in Kyoto, Japan.

It may come as a surprise to you that for nearly a decade, Tokyo was my home. I often travelled to Kyoto (the ancient capital) and befriended fellow artisans, gardeners, textiles, woodcraft, and leatherwork experts.

My curiosity and appreciation for the arts also led me to develop an interest in Geisha culture. Translated to English, Geisha means “artist.”

These women master various musical instruments, songs, dance, calligraphy, tea ceremonies and flower arrangements. With great pride, I crafted my Gion oil perfumes and personally gifted them to these icons of Japanese beauty, tradition and grace.

Winter Rose is the first perfume in my series of Gion oil perfumes. Crafted from the finest and most expensive natural materials in the world; rose otto, sandalwood, orris butter and agarwood to capture the warmth and hospitality of a Geisha Tea House in winter.



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