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Dear Collectors, Thank You!

Updated: Feb 6

My niche perfumes resonate with a specific group of people.

These collectors, who look past trends and commercial names, truly appreciate craftsmanship. Having gotten to know them, I noticed they all follow an unspoken code: they are sophisticated and intelligent, often well-travelled and well-read, and make mindful choices that resonate with their unique style.

Some collectors have the means to indulge in life's finer things and take the time to savour each carefully crafted scent. I sincerely appreciate their hard work and life's achievements. Meanwhile, others, often younger, may have less to spend but are rich in spirit and eager for knowledge.

These self-taught enthusiasts spend time online trading knowledge, never settling for just 'okay.' They constantly search for objects and ideas that inspire and ignite their imagination. To you, "Fume Heads," thank you for sharing your valuable time and attention.

All my perfume collectors are true enthusiasts, set apart by their passion for handcrafted and bespoke items. They understand the effort in sourcing the finest ingredients, distillation, and blending. Just as art lovers cherish a timeless painting or a historian values a manuscript, "Perfume Heads" appreciates the skill and dedication of making each bottle of perfume.

Thank you for your kind support!

Matthew Meleg

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