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Home Laboratory 1

Updated: Feb 7

The best thing about being a perfumer is that I get to hang out with, learn from and play with some very cool materials!

I think of my perfume materials as people, they are my friends. Every single one of them is totally unique!

Each one has it's own specific set of characteristics!

  • scent

  • lifetime

  • impact

  • place of origin

  • chemical composition

  • temperature

  • texture

  • strengths

  • weaknesses

  • degree of transparency

  • color

Above: Civet Tincture (I once managed to explode an entire jar of civet tincture in my kitchen, what fun!

Above: Closet 1 (I have 4)

Above: some accords

Above: some Hainan Oud oils and chips - from my friend Jeff :-) Thanks Jeff!

Above: some kinam oil from Jeff at Yuzhi oud

Above: Hyrax (petrified Hyraceum pee :-)

Above: making Civet Cat Chypre

Above: Castoreum (Beaver) Musk

Above: Tincture of Saffron

Above: One of my desks

Above: bottle design

Above: bottle design

Above: a fairly good book, if not overly technical

Above: where I sit

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