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Five Ideals (Direct My Life)

Updated: Feb 7

  1. Meaningful Work

  2. Craftsmanship

  3. Excellence

  4. Cultivating good taste

  5. Love of Culture, History and Travel

Meaningful Work - A Vehicle for self-overcoming

Pursuing meaningful work, as I see it, is a project of self-overcoming and self-creation, my life's Work shapes my character through action and experiences.

Perfumery and Artisanship are so integral to my identity that there is no separation between myself and my brand. My career is not just a means to an end, for example, financial stability, but a vital part of my life's journey. I love my work.

Craftsmanship - the marriage of skill and soul

In the heart of every act of craftsmanship pulses an dedication, a commitment to quality and excellence that transcends the mundane and the ordinary.

I honestly believe that through the act of paying attention, working in the present moment, I can release the life essence hidden in inanimate objects.

Above: The Grandmaster Chime Watch by Patek Philippe

Craftsmanship is the marriage of skill and soul.

It stands as a testament to the beauty of intricacy and painstaking attention to detail. Each stroke of the artists brush, each chisel's strike, each note struck or code penned is imbued with the craftsman’s heart, their passion echoing in their creation.

It's not just about the physical product but about preserving an essential human story, the celebration of the individual's capability to create, to innovate, and to master. This authenticity, this originality that flows from the soul of craftspeople, cannot be replicated by the cold efficiency of mass production.

The Pursuit of Excellence - Drives me to learn

The pursuit of excellence is a journey that invites me to continually refine my skills. Excellence asks me to deepen my knowledge, and challenge my limitations. It's a commitment to strive for the best within me and in what I do.

Cultivating good taste - drives me to learn more about the various, wonderful cultures in this world

Above: Traditional Kimono

The pursuit of knowledge about traditional and cultural arts, serves to broaden my perspectives, enrich my experiences, and deepen my understanding of the world. It is an odyssey into the depths of human creativity and the rich tapestry of cultural expression that spans across space and time.

All art forms, be it fashion, perfumery, classical music, Renaissance arts, the Japanese tea ceremony, incense, and others, represents a unique expression of the human spirit. Each tells a story of a time, a place, a people, and their values. The study of these forms offers more than mere appreciation; it allows me to peer into the soul of societies, to resonate with the joys, struggles, aspirations, and reflections of humanity throughout the ages.

Becoming learned in these areas refines my taste by honing our ability to discern subtleties and nuances. It elevates my aesthetic sensibilities and cultivates a deeper appreciation for quality and craftsmanship.

Love for culture, history and travel

Above: Myself with a Maiko-san

As a self-taught perfumer and artisan, my appreciation for culture, history, and travel profoundly enriches my craft.

It's through such understanding that I unearth unique olfactory traditions, materials, and scent profiles tied to specific locales and histories. These insights inspire originality in my blends, translating to unique, captivating fragrances that tell intricate stories.

Culture teaches me the significance of scents in various societies, their symbolic value, and their role in rituals. History offers a timeline of perfumery evolution, informing my practice with time-tested techniques.

Travel takes theory into lived experience, exposing me to real aromas that synthetic notes can't replicate. Each encounter amplifies my olfactory library and informs my understanding of scent.



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