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DATURA MOON FLOWER - Meleg Release (2023)

Updated: Feb 7

A Sandalwood Floriental - Amber Incense Perfume

The scent of the Datura flowers and the temple incense combined created an experience I will never forget.

"Datura" attempts to recreating my love for Japanese ginger incense and temple gardens.

Notes: Datura Flower, Ginger, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Orris Butter, Spices, Assam Oud

Above: Datura, by Meleg Perfumes

Above: The Datura Flower, Vintage Illustration

Above: Datura, by Meleg Perfumes

The Datura Flower

Datura is a flowering plant that belongs to the nightshade family, Solanaceae. It's also known as The Moon Flower.

The plant is native to the Americas, but it is now widely distributed around the world as an ornamental plant and as a source of drugs.

The flowers are fragrant and particularly at night, and they come in various colors; white, yellow, purple, lavender, and red. The stems are soft but erect and have a grayish-green tinge. The leaves are lobed and lightly furred.

Datura is a highly poisonous plant, and all parts of the plant contain tropane alkaloids, which can cause hallucinations, delirium, and other severe symptoms if ingested. In fact, the plant has a long history of use in traditional medicine and as a hallucinogen in religious and shamanic rituals.

The Inspiration behind Datura, The Moon Flower

It was early morning, not yet light, as I walked towards the Temple through the labyrinth and ancient moss gardens of Saihoji Garden.

The ground felt like a plush carpet,

and the moon cast long shadows on the path before me. The tea-water stream, a soothing melody, reached my ears when I was greeted by Datura.

Massive, sickeningly sweet, bell-shaped, moon-worshiping flowers.

Past the Datura, past moss-covered trees, and wet stones, the monks were burning fresh, invigorating morning incense; ginger, sandalwood, cloves and agarwood.

It was warm and inviting, and I knew the Temple was near.

The scent of the Datura flowers and the temple incense combined to create an experience I will never forget. "Datura" is my attempt at recreating my love for Japanese ginger incense and temple gardens.


Datura is a powerful, sandalwood-centric perfume made with 80% natural essential oils. She is thick, rich and heady.

She begins with a bright ginger, bergamot and frankincense accord with woody-peppery nuances, allowing for a smooth transition to Datura's incense heart.

Datura's central accord is made from a variety of floral materials, frankincense, cedarwood and tincture of young, sweet ambergris. She also includes a huge variety of natural tinctured spices.

Natural sandalwood, Vietnamese and Assam Oud comprises a significant proportion of Datura's formula - crafting a buttery, warm woody undertone that lingers on the skin all day.

Notes of Datura Moon Flower

ginger fresh


frankincense & cedar wood co-distillation

ylang ylang (extra) organic


variety of spices tinctures in perfumers alcohol

Bulgarian rose otto

brown ambergris tincture

100% natural sandalwood - India

100% natural orris butter - Italy


Northern Vietnamese natural oud (agarwood oil)

Assam provence (India) natural oud (agarwood oil)

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