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The Gion "Flower Village," of Kyoto

Updated: Feb 7

The Gion district is a timeless enclave within Kyoto, where Geisha and Maiko wander an intricate network of streets, gardens, and temples.

Kyoto is an amazing city, with more than 2000 temples, shrines and gardens

Within Kyoto, the streets of Gion express classic Japanese aesthetics.

Streets are spotless.

The Japanese learn from a very young age to keep their surroundings clean.

Store fronts are minimal in design, and certainly spur my curiosity. What could be inside?!

Some of the best woodworkers, stone masons and crafts people in the world call Kyoto their home. Their skills are clearly displayed in the local temples, shrines and gardens.

Entrance to a "Tea House," Geisha and Maiko call this place home.

Above we see a restaurant serving local cuisine.

Gion's history dates back to the middle ages, this district emerged as a vibrant hanamachi, or "flower town," where geisha culture continues to flourish until today.

Through the centuries, Gion became a sanctuary where geisha and maiko adorned themselves in the finest kimonos.

These women embody grace, mastery, and allure.

Every footstep upon Gion's streets resonates with tradition.

Here a famous photo-spot. See the five story pagoda in the background, romantic indeed!

Gion hosts hundreds of artisanal shops, restaurants and art galleries.

Interiors are designed in Japanese minimalism.

Above an art gallery and clothing boutique on display

Interior gardens are a common sight

throughout all of Kyoto

The fragrance and delicate flavors of matcha is all around

Gion's artisans, with their dedication and skill, breathe life into the district's artistic soul.

Enter galleries adorned with ink paintings, calligraphy, and ceramics.

Immerse yourself in the world of ikebana, where the art of floral arrangement manifests harmony and beauty.

The air in Gion is filled with culinary delights. Traditional kaiseki restaurants meticulously prepare seasonal dishes.

Gion, a sanctuary of culture, art, and history, where beauty permeates every corner.

From the delicate flutter of a maiko's sleeve to the whispered prayers at Yasaka Shrine.

Let Gion's charm and timeless allure enrapture your soul.

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